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Colyton Parish Council

Local information for the people of Colyton

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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The Parish Council

How do I contact the Town Clerk? Telephone 01297 552460
Colyton Parish Council, Feoffees Town Hall, Colyton EX24 6JR Or to email click the address below

Where is the Council Office? In the Feoffees Town Hall, Market Place, Colyton

When is the Council Office open to the public? The doors are open for the general public from 12.00 to 2.30 pm on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Access for the disabled: Please make an appointment OR use the door entry phone at the entrance to the Feoffees Town Hall. A ground floor meeting can then be arranged.

How often is the Council elected? Every four years.

Who are the councillors?

Click Your Councillors

When does the Parish Council Meet? On the 2nd Monday in the month.
Sub Committees
Planning meets normally two weeks after the Council meeting each month.
Finance meets normally two weeks after the Council meeting each month.
Amenities normally meets quarterly after the other sub committees.

Declaration of councillors' interests

 Councillors' declaration of interests

The Town Hall is owned by the Feoffees: The Parish Council office is in the Town Hall and council meetings are held in the Mortimer Room.

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Who are the Feoffees? See the Colyton Heritage Centre website for the full historical detail of the Feoffees
In 1998 the Feoffees became a registered charity - 'Parish Lands Charity' No. 243224 - but the trustees still retain and use the title Colyton Chamber of Feoffees
They meet regularly and administer the assets of the charity for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Colyton. The Parish Council must appoint five nominated trustees to the charity with a four year period of office.


Applications for Housing: East Devon District Council are also the responsible authority for the provision of housing. If you are in housing need apply to the Housing Department of EDDC.

Housing Survey

The Council undertook a survey of housng needs and the result can be seen here HOUSING SURVEY


Apply for an Allotment: submit and application to the Parish Clerk in writing, the Council have full, half and quarter plots for rent although there is normally a waiting list.

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Hire a Hall:

Several halls are available in the parish for private hire to hold parties, family celebrations or other functions. Listed below are the contacts persons to arrange a booking: 

Feoffees Town Hall – Enquiries for Town Hall bookings to:
Gail Jarman 01297 551384
Playing Fields Pavilion – Carol Turner, Booking Sec Tel: 01297 553396

Reece-Strawbridge Youth Centre: Rooms are available for hire with kitchen and lavatory facilities. To enquire about donations, facilities and bookings click the email address below:-

Link Hospital Car Service

What is Colyton Link? Link was started in January 1983 with the aim of helping people. Colyton Link is an independent local charity; its main activity is to organise and operate a car service to transport people door-to-door for medical treatment. In addition its publication 'Link Lines', details all the organisations in the parish and is distributed to every household and especially to any newcomers. The Link organisation was expanded in 2009 to included all of Colyford.
For general information (not car service) contact Sylvia Benton, Colyton Link Secretary 01297 552140

To use the Colyton Link car service: Please ring 0300 1233345 between 8.30am and 5.30am Mon. to Fri.


Colyton Medical Centre Tel: 01297 552728:

Colyton medical Center

Seaton Medical Centre: Tel: 01297 20877

See the new Medical Center website:

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 Colyton Library

Telephone: 01297 552877.
See the library website

Your Suggestion:If you can suggest other useful information and contacts for this page, please let us know by using the Contact Us button on the menu.

Dog Exclusion Notice Click here: Dog Exclusion Notice


How to arrange for burials & memorials (Parish Council cemetery) Regulations & fees with effect from 1st April 2023

The Parish Council Cemetery

  • No interment or erection of any gravestone or tablet or any monumental
    inscription is allowed until prior written permission has been obtained from
    Colyton Parish Council.
  • The Council does not undertake the digging of graves. The digging and
    backfill of graves are performed by the Undertakers.
  • Minister's fees are the responsibility of the Undertakers.
  • Plots purchased are non-transferrable without prior written agreement by the Colyton Parish Council.
  • Maximum headstone dimensions are: 610mm wide x 762mm high on a base 762mm x 305mm wide


For the interment of the body of a stillborn child whose age at the time of death
did not exceed 1 month....£0.00
For the interment of the body of a child whose age at the time of death did not exceed 16 years ....£0.00
For the interment of the body of a person whose age at the time of death exceeded 16 years .... £420.00
For the interment of cremated remains....£170.00
For the scattering of cremated remains....£90.00

Including Deed of Assignment; purchased for 100 years:
Burial plot ....£690.00
Burial Plot for a child whose age at time of death does not exceed 18 years....£0.00
Cremation plot....£230.00


  • The erection of a memorial is not permitted until the Exclusive Rights of Burial have been purchased
  • Any memorial other than an approved headstone, tablet or vase will be permitted only at the discretion of the Parish Council
  • Cremation stones to be 15 inches wide
  • Kerb stones are not permitted
  • No flowers, trees or shrubs are to be planted in grave or cremation plots
  • The Parish Council cannot accept damage to any personal property in the cemetery, including tablets, headstones and grave markers.

For a headstone or tablet with first inscription (grave number to be inscribed on the back) £213.00
For a headstone with a vase incorporated £213.00
For a vase only, £145.00
For each additional inscription £122.00

The fees set out above apply where the person to be interred (or in respect of whom the right is granted) is, (or immediately before his/her death, was), an inhabitant of the Parish of Colyton. In all other cases, the fees will be doubled but in some cases of previous residency, the doubling of fees will be at the discretion of the Parish Council.

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 Report Crimes or Anti-Social Behaviour:

To report an incident where an immediate response is not required or a crime has not been committed call 101.

Report an emergency, for instance if a crime is being committed: If the offenders are nearby or an incident requires immediate attendance call 999

To speak to our local Neighbourhood Policing Team at Seaton: contact: PC Richard Jenkins Tel. 01297 626727To email PC Richard Jenkins click the email address below:-

or contact PCSO 30196 Mike McGauley   Tel. 01297 626700
To email PCSO 30196 Mike McGauley click the email address below:-

Police Station: Seaton Police Station, 76 Queen Street, Seaton, EX12 2RJ
Tel. 01297 626700

Neighbourhood Policing website:
See also the Seaton Rural Website enter 'seaton rural' into Bing or Yahoo or Google.

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Report poor road conditions: Responsibility for Highway maintenance rests with Devon County Council. Please report problems to East Area Highways telephone 0845 155 1004 or to email click the email address below:-

Please send a copy of your email to the Parish Council with any complaints (click the Contact Us button on the menu). Our County Councillor chairs regular meetings of the Colyton Traffic Group, the group includes council and highways representatives.

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Planning Applications

Find out about a Planning application: East Devon District Council have responsibility for the application of the Planning Regulations. All the information about the planning procedures are shown on the EDDC website
Planning applications are issued to the Parish Council for their views but any final decision is taken by the District Council.
It can be helpful to send a copy of your message to the Parish Council about any planning issues.